Hello and welcome to Alethea’s Plate!


I am Alethea, a 23-year-old Nutrition MSc student in the UK. I decided to create the Instagram account Alethea’s Plate (@aletheasplate) because ever since becoming vegetarian aged 11, plant-based nutrition has been my passion and when I decided 2 years ago to go vegan and live my life free from harming animals I wanted to document the process to share recipes, learn and grow with others in the same position.


On the subject of vegan diets, the British Dietetic Association (BDA) states:


“It is possible to follow a well-planned, plant-based, vegan-friendly diet that supports healthy living in people of all ages”


I have made this blog as an accumulation of the useful information and advice I have obtained through my journey and hope to present it in an easily-digestible way for you! I want this blog to act as a multifaceted resource you can use for plant-based recipes, evidence-based nutritional information, dispelling myths as well as environmental, ethical and lifestyle articles that are important to me in living my best life.


My diet and relationship with food is the best it has ever been. I love eating plant-based foods and I hope this enthusiasm can transpire to your life – let’s eat!


I made a nutrition guide for my boyfriend specified for his needs, but it may be useful for some other people as it has 7 really easy vegan recipes for beginners!

Nutrition guide for james