Veganuary Day 3: Plant-Based Vs. Vegan?

Veganuary Day 3: Plant-based versus Vegan – What’s the difference?

Veganism 101! Here on my account and elsewhere you might have seen these 2 terms used interchangeably so I thought it might be good to clarify what I mean when I say plant-based. All vegan food is plant-based. However, veganism also includes ethical lifestyle choices such as clothing (no leather, suede, silk, fur), cosmetics and other household items. .

So, I follow a vegan lifestyle & diet. But you will often here me refer to the way I eat as ‘plant-based diet’ ‘plant foods’ rather than ‘vegan diet’ this is partly because I am studying my masters in Nutrition and a wholefood plant-based (WFPB) diet is, in my opinion, optimal and most studied – since vegan food also encompasses more processed and less healthful foods.

This is also because I want my approach to be inclusive, when I first starting eating vegan foods I was very very hesitant to use the ‘v word’ as it comes with a lot of preconceptions and I knew I had toiletries & cosmetics that were not cruelty-free or the leather boots I owned. It doesn’t matter where on your journey you are I am happy to have you here!

I think intentions in veganism are what is most important rather than perfectionism and an elitist club. If you mess up, it’s okay!! It’ll arm you with the knowledge to know better next time. It is admirable that you are trying to change your diet and/or lifestyle. I’ll talk more towards the end of January about keeping up motivations too as it can be easy to get burnt out. I constantly feel as though I’ll never please anyone: either I’m too extreme or not vegan enough! But I know well there is a kind community on this platform willing to listen to you without judgement ☺️

Alethea x

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